Xamarin Studio doesn't install Xamarin Android

I had a previous version of Xamarin installed. Had problems with that and completely uninstalled it. Now I want to install it new, but it doesn't install Xamarin Android.

The installer says everything is fine and Xamarin Android is installed, but when I start Xamarin Studio and load my solution there is marked on my android project that I have to install Xamarin Android and everytime I run the installer I can install Xmaarin Android. The other options are grayed out. Only the Xamarin Android not.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the complete Xamarin Studio. Do you have any idea, what I can do?


  • FokkeVermeulenOldFokkeVermeulenOld USMember ✭✭

    Oh it was a bug in my Xamarin Account. It doesn't delete the old computer data when you uninstall the app on your pc.

    When you have installed it on 2 different computers, it can't be on the (third) (the second but you have to delete the license in the account yourself)

    :( That is creepy and a damn solution by Xamarin, because no one thinks on that

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