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May 23 - XHackers- Bangalore - Using Azure Mobile Services with Xamarin and How to use Test Cloud

Date: May 23

Location: Bangalore. India


Session 1: Integrating azure mobile services with Xamarin app (Duration 1 hr)

· Azure Mobile Service overview

· Getting started with Xamarin and azure mobile services

· We will demonstrate following scenarios using Azure Mobile services:

o Store data

o Offline data sync and handle conflicts

o Authenticate user

o Add push notification to your app

Speaker: Sanjeev Dhawala, Senior Consultant, Neudesic

Tea/Coffee Break

Session 2: Explore Xamarin Test cloud with Xamarin Store App (Duration 1 hr)

· Overview of Xamarin.UITest to automate the execution of existing iOS and Android apps.

· Explore the creation of acceptance, behavior and regression tests and how the Xamarin.UITest tooling can be used to speed up the development of your acceptance tests.

· Finally, we will learn how to deploy the apps + UI Tests up to Test Cloud for complete coverage across devices, OS versions and form factors using Xamarin Store App.

Speaker: Srinivasu Amjuri, Senior consultant, Neudesic (QA Practice)

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