Unknown Resolve Error Environment Calling.

I am still trying to get used to using C# with android but right now I am trying to put-together an app that displays the system hardware information. While digging through the code for this I stumbled into the normal environment calls. Will they work with android? I also noticed that android has an environment call but it does not have all the functions. Leading me to the issue I have run into:

Console.WriteLine("System Version: ", Environment.Version);

^Gives me an "Unknown Resolve Error" -- Is there a way I can use that environment call in terms of android?

Also are there any code examples out there in regards to collecting this data?


  • YamilBrachoYamilBracho VEMember

    To get OS Version use :

    /// <summary> /// Gets the device OS version. /// </summary> /// <returns>The device OS version.</returns> public static String GetDeviceOSVersion() { return Android.OS.Build.VERSION.Release; }

  • codemonkeyalxcodemonkeyalx USMember
    edited May 2013

    @YamilBracho, Thank you for your help. -- It worked like a charm!
    Do you by any chance know anyway to figure out what GPS chip the device is running?

    If I could get a hold of that information it would help out immensely.

    Here are the mods I made to my code:

    droidVer.Text = "Android Version: " + Android.OS.Build.VERSION.Release; droidHardware.Text = "Android Hardware: " + Android.OS.Build.Hardware; droidHost.Text = "Android Hostname: " + Android.OS.Build.Host;

    Doing this after setting the proper TextViews in the app rendered the correct results I was looking for!

  • YamilBrachoYamilBracho VEMember

    Alex, I think there is nothing in Android to get the used GPS Chip :-(

  • codemonkeyalxcodemonkeyalx USMember

    @YamilBracho, Thank you for your help then :-) -- If you happen to be looking for it sometime and you come across anything make sure to let me know!

  • YamilBrachoYamilBracho VEMember


  • codemonkeyalxcodemonkeyalx USMember

    Thanks man, again this was a huge help!

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