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How to uninstall the tool "Xamarin Profiler" from Xamarin Studio ?

ThanhNgoThanhNgo USMember ✭✭

Would anyone please tell me how to uninstall the tool "Xamarin Profiler" from Xamarin Studio ? I don't need Xamarin Profiler any longer, and it prevents me from launching my Xamarin app because it always pops up an error message saying that "Trial executable has expired (24 hours limit)".

The reason is that I only have the Indie license and Xamarin Profiler is only available with one of these 3 types: Business License, Enterprise License, and Trial License. So, I installed Xamarin Profiler with the Trial License, and after 24 hours, I have that weird issue described above.

Now, I don't need Xamarin Profiler and want to uninstall only Xamarin Profiler and not the whole Xamarin Studio. But there is no instruction on how to uninstall this Xamarin Profiler tool. (There is only guide to uninstall the whole Xamarin Studio).


  • LarryMasonLarryMason USMember

    This worked for me......

    In Xamarin Studio, click on "Xamarin Studio"
    Look at the dropdown menu and choose each (Once I selected the proper one, it disappeared from the dropdown menu, so I cannot tell you the name of the one to select).

    One of the dropdown menus when selected will give you options. One option is to purchase an update, one is to continue the trial, and one is to just continue to use your "Indie Account". Choose the option to just continue your indie account,

    Then do a Clear All on your solution and rebuild and rerun your project.

    Hope this helps.

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