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Validate/submit archive feature in Xamarin Studio on Mac broken eight months now

RiccardoMoschetti.1881RiccardoMoschetti.1881 ITMember, University

This has been broken eight months now.
The status is "NEEDINFO" but all the logs are there and the problem can be easily verified.

I have Xamarin Studio 5.8.3 build 1 on Yosemite and still cannot validate (let alone distribute) apps from Xamarin Studio.
The error I get is:
1. I create an Archive with the correct provisioning profile
2. I click on Validate
3. I am asked username and password for Apple Development
4. I Choose the provisioning profile
5. I receive a Codesign failed error

To validate the app, I have to open the Archive via XCode (6.3.1), where everything goes smoothly.
Why can't this be fixed?

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