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VS2013 and Resharper: XAML Broken (Unhandle exception) and no intellisense

PaoloBroccoPaoloBrocco USMember ✭✭
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I'm new to Xamarin (installed yesterday) and I have Visual Studio 2013 and ReSharper.
Xamarin for Visual Studio v3.9.547 (the latest).

When I create a new XAML page I get this (see screensot):

The document failed to open.
at Microsoft.Expression.DesignSurface.DesignerService.CreateDesigner(IHostSourceItem item, IHostTextEditor editor, CancellationToken cancelToken)
at Microsoft.Expression.DesignHost.IsolatedDesignerService.IsolatedDesignerView.CreateDesignerViewInfo(CancellationToken cancelToken)

If I click on "Click here to reload the designer" Visual Studio crashes and restarts.
Also, the XAML page has no intellisense support.

Also, compared to Xamarin Studio, the page created is a "Page", can you add the possibility to add a "ContentPage" instead?
On Xamarin Studio intellisense is working.

Maybe Resharper is creating problems?

I'd like to work on Visual Studio, but without intellisense support it's like using notepad, hope you can do something about this.

Thanks and best regards,


p.s. for Jim Wilson, who created an Introduction to Xamarin tutorial on Pluralsight inellisense in the XAML files is working without problems... and he used an older version (maybe dated Nov/December 2014) of the VS extension...


  • PaoloBroccoPaoloBrocco USMember ✭✭

    I could answer my last question already, about creating a ContentPage... I was wrongly clicking "Add new" then selecting "XAML". There I could see only the 3 templates called: Blank Page, Resource Dictionary, User Control.

    Under the main one (Visual C#) I could find the "Forms Xaml Page" template.

    That helped a bit, already.

    What a pity about the missing intellisense, for now I have to switch between Visual Studio and Xamarin Studio...

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