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MonoGame 3.0 Seminar

ChrisHardyChrisHardy GBForum Administrator, Xamarin Team Xamurai

For the second Xamarin Seminar this month we were joined by both Dominique Louis and Dean Ellis, core developers of the MonoGame project, to discuss the latest goings on with MonoGame 3.0 and how the project has progressed over the past six months since the last Xamarin Seminar on the topic.

Dominique and Dean take us through some of the new features of MonoGame 3.0 and the current status of the project. Some of the new features shown in this session include 3D support and support for Windows 8 and Windows RT. There is also information on what technologies that MonoGame use to produce a great cross platform experience. For more information go to

You can view the full seminar here:

As always, you can view the slides in the Xamarin Channel in SlideShare:

On November 29th, we’ll be publishing a Xamarin Seminar on Barcode Scanning with Jon Dick. To be entered for a chance to win a Xamarin monkey, send in your questions via [email protected] or tweet us @xamarinhq and the best question will win.



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