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April 29th 2015 - Lisbon (Portugal): Introduction to Xamarin Platform

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ISCTE – Auditorium 0NE02-Caiano Pereira

April 29 @ 19:30 – 21:00

Speaker: Sara Silva

Session Title: Introduction to Xamarin Platform

Session Description:

In this session you will learn what’s Xamarin and its products, how to create mobile cross-platform applications, using Xamarin for Android, iOS and Windows. And you will learn the two most used patterns in this kind of applications, and what’s cross-platform means.

After the theory you will see how to setup your own environment to create apps using Xamarin and then you will learn how to make your ideas in an app!

You can read the Portuguese article in Programar EMagazine: “Xamarin: Sem custos para estudantes“.

The mobile applications market is growing faster and faster, and current students are our future.


Location: ISCTE – Auditorium 0NE02-Caiano Pereira

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