Complex UI elements with Xamarin.Forms

Hi friends,
I'm new to Xamarin (20 hours of samples and tiny POC),
Currently my company develops few applications for Android & iOS.
Develop once is something we really want and need (like everyone), we used to it using Unity and LibGDX in our game division.

All the samples are useful and the concept is impressive.
The conclusion I've got so far is developing standard UI application with Xamarin.Forms is pretty easy and will save a lot of dev and QA time
while ensuring consistency between the platforms.
By saying standard I guess we can agree about, master detail, side menu, different types of fields etc..
But when I think about implementing a bit "heavier" UI elements such as carousel (of complex items) on top of custom made line chart (see attached screenshot), I can't think of a possible Xamarin.Forms solution and I assume that custom Android and iOS work is required there.

Please tell me I'm wrong and missed the whole point.

If I'm right, than what is the way I should use Xamarin in applications where "sexy" UI is the main issue and the logic is quite poor?

Thank you for your help.

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  • Hi,
    thank you for your fast reply!
    I've seen the Forms2Native sample from
    regarding that approach.

    That means that when my app's design is a bit complex, I should use the custom renderers
    and not xamarin.forms layouting.
    Won't I find myself constantly using xamarin for the little logic and api calls my app has? And won't enjoy the great things
    as MVVM and one layout code for all platforms?

  • Thank you my friend!

  • govind9875govind9875 Member
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    I want create such type of design in app with master page. Could some one suggest me to create and manage feed sections with view allimages , video, like and comment , crete poat best way . Plaase take this on urgent basis .

    Thanks in advance
  • VovaKamishnikovVovaKamishnikov USMember ✭✭✭
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    I think you should see SkiaSharp
    It's а powerful cross platform 2D graphics library which allows draw controls of any complexity
    I almost don't use custom renderes because SkiaSharp allows write once for for all platforms

    Here is a small demo

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