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Do you guys get code completion in Shared projects used in PCL xamarin app?

GeorgeCookGeorgeCook PEUniversity ✭✭✭

I'm using websync and icelink from frozen mountain software, which requires one to write a shared project in which to write the websync/icelink code against their libraries (they have identical apis for android/iOS platforms, so you just use a few compiler directives here and there for imports.

I'm using one of their examples. The dlls are all imported in the iOS project. It compiles fine and runs.

However, in the shared project, the editor lists all of the types from their dlls as unknown/red. Which is clearly not the case, as the code compiles, executes and I can even breakpoint it.

what's going on? is this a xamarin studio bug? any workaround? All I can think is that for now, I'll have to develop all this code in my iOS project, and later duplicate it in the android project.. or copy it into a shared project later.. either of which options majorly suck.

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