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Country settings for currency


I've a little problem. I have a double value (Amount of Money) and i want to display the value to the user of my App.
So i have to convert the value to a display string.
At the moment i use


(Using countrys default currency ...)
And it displays the value nice with € sign as currency symbo (e.g. 2.30€)
No i have a client in switzerland. And they doesn't use € but Sfr.
and the value should display as 2.30 Sfr ...
I believe there must be a setting of the android device specifying the countrys default currency.
But i can't find these settings in the device?

Can anybody give me a hint where to find these settings.


  • ChristianGillChristianGill DEMember ✭✭

    I still have no answer from anyone. Can somebody please help me?
    I think this should be an easy question for the cracks out there ...
    With kind regards

    Christian Gill

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