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AlessioCampanelli2AlessioCampanelli2 USMember
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Hi all,
i'm tring to call the evaluateJavascript in the My WebviewRenderer. this is the code:

public class MyWebViewRenderer : WebViewRenderer
    Android.Webkit.WebView mWebView;
    protected override void OnElementChanged(ElementChangedEventArgs<Xamarin.Forms.WebView> e)
        mWebView = (Android.Webkit.WebView)Control;
        mWebView.SetWebViewClient(new MyWebViewClient());

public class MyWebViewClient : Android.Webkit.WebViewClient
    public override void OnPageFinished(Android.Webkit.WebView view, string url)
        base.OnPageFinished(view, url);
        view.EvaluateJavascript("document.getElementsByTagName('pre')[0].innerHTML", new JavaScriptResult());

class JavaScriptResult : Java.Lang.Object, IValueCallback
    public void OnReceiveValue(Java.Lang.Object value)
        string json = (string)value;

but i receive this error:

"Java.Lang.NoSuchMethodError: no method with name='evaluateJavascript' signature='(Ljava/lang/String;Landroid/webkit/ValueCallback;)V' in class Landroid/webkit/WebView;"

any suggestions ?

Thanks you very much for help.


  • hvaughanhvaughan USMember ✭✭✭


    Ran into the same issue today and found the answer from another post (linked below). The method was not completely setup until Android KitKat (4.4) and so you need to check for that and run the correct method accordingly:

    if(Android.OS.Build.VERSION.SdkInt >= Android.OS.BuildVersionCodes.Kitkat) {
        webView.EvaluateJavascript("javascript:GoBack();", null);
    } else {

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