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  • AnantDabhiAnantDabhi INMember

    @JamesMontemagno I tried only "" as you suggested..
    still getting false everytime in both IsReachable and IsRemoteReachable calls.

  • BasavaPBasavaP USMember
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    How can I check, is Cellular data connected or not?, using Xam.Plugin.Connectivity plugin in PCL project.

  • TonyCaseyTonyCasey IEMember ✭✭

    Same for me, I can't for the life of me get it to connect to the local IIS.

    HttpClient works fine and can see the local API using the IP address but Plugin.Connectivity.CrossConnectivity.Current.IsReachable just keeps coming back false.

    Visual Studio 2015 & Genymotion emulator

  • SagarPanwalaSagarPanwala USMember ✭✭

    @JamesMontemagno I tried only "" as you suggested..
    still getting false everytime in both IsReachable and IsRemoteReachable calls.

    Is there any update on this?

  • is possible get wifi name from network with this plugin ?

  • AquablueAquablue USMember ✭✭


    We are developing a Xamarin.Forms application and using..

    var result = await CrossConnectivity.Current.IsRemoteReachable("")

    .. to check if we have a working internet connection.
    Everything works as expected, i.e. we get back true from the IsRemoteReachable method, on real (Android, iOS and Windows Phone) devices and on VS emulators for Android and iOS emulators.
    The problem is that with the Windows Phone 10 emulators (Mobile Emulator 10.0.14393.0) we get false even if the device is connected (for instance, we can access our backend from our client if we skip the check above or browse internet via Edge).

    Did someone successfully used the IsRemoteReachable on Windows Phone 10 emulators (by deploying a Universal Window App on the emulator)?
    @JamesMontemagno: did you tested if IsRemoteReachable works for Windows Phone 10 emulators?

    Any help is welcome :smile:

  • adamsowadamsow PLMember

    Any update on this?
    IsRemoteReachable works in debug on android emulator but not on real device.
    bool isAPIReachable = await CrossConnectivity.Current.IsRemoteReachable(""); if (!isAPIReachable) { await DisplayAlert(AppResources.APINotReachableTitle, AppResources.APINotReachableMessage, "OK"); }

    isAPIReachable is always false on real android device.

    Xam.Plugin.Connectivity version - 2.3.0


    hello everone i'm doing this function in the app.xaml.cs

    private void CheckConnectivity()
    var isConnected = CrossConnectivity.Current.IsConnected;
    var connected = new Label
    Text = "not Connected: "

            if (isConnected == true)
                MainPage = new Pages.LoginPage();
           else if(isConnected==false)
                MainPage = page = new ContentPage
                    Content = new StackLayout
                        Padding = 50,
                        VerticalOptions = LayoutOptions.Center,
                        Children =

    and it doesn't work for me any help ?(plugin installed and the sample of @jamesmontemagno is working) wht i need is redirection
    thks for help

  • hattedbeyhattedbey USMember

    I got the same problem. Finally I found out that I only added the Xam.Plugin.Connectivity in PCL but I didn't add the package in the Android folder too. You add the package in Android folder again and it should works.

  • public App()

    #if ANDROID
                platform = "Android";
    #if IOS
                platform = "IOS";
    var networkStatus = CrossConnectivity.Current.IsConnected ? "Connected" : "No Connection";
         if (networkStatus == "Connected") {
    //here i am getting issue . app freezes here and crashing
            var reachable =await CrossConnectivity.Current.IsReachable("");
            if (reachable == true) {
        mainpage = new NavigationPage(new homepage());
        mainpage = new NavigationPage(new Errorpage());
  • I can't call await method above its getting me an error now what I can do is I removes await and use
    var reachable = CrossConnectivity.Current.IsReachable("").Result;
    but here also app freezes....
    need help what to do

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