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Xamarin / Azure : login

In an Android app running on a real phone with a 4.4.2 (not emulator), Xamarin.Auth runs successfully to retrieve Access Token from Twitter. The problem is when using these credentials against Azure Mobile Services. The method LoginAsync never comes back.. If I put this code in form of a task and I wait after the task, the task is going long running with no end.

Without authentication, the application was working fine and I could push data to the service.

Client = new MobileServiceClient(applicationURL, applicationKey);
JObject token = new JObject();
token.Add("access_token", "here is the token of the user");
Client.CurrentUser = await Client.LoginAsync(MobileServiceAuthenticationProvider.Twitter, token);

Basically, I tried to follow the guideline of this article but it's not working for me :

I use the stable version 1.3.1 of WindowsAzure.MobileServices. I can't install the pre-release version because I also need the package Azure Mobile Services SQliteStore and this package is not available in pre-release.

any ideas how to turn around that problem ?


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