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Comilping PCL in Visual Studio requires Xamarin Business License.

I'm developing a mobile application, which has a server part and an Android part.
I have 3 *.sln files: Full, Server, Mobile - they contain various number of projects. Server and Mobile share some codebase which is put to a PCL.
The Server solution has no references to Android or iOS projects and is being edited in Visual Studio.
The Mobile project contains an Android application and the same shared PCL. It is being edited and compiled in Xamarin Studio since I only have an Indie license.
Everything was working (and compiling) fine, but once I edited shared PCL's properties in Xamarin, since that when I try to compile Server project in Visual Studio I'm asked to buy business license since my project is using Xamarin.Android. But it doesn't.
What should I edit in *.sln or *.csproj files to get rid of this message?


  • MikeKhrebtoffMikeKhrebtoff RUMember

    Ok, I've found that it's not a problem with solution. To reproduce the issue do the following (assuming you have Indie license):
    1) Start VS and open a solution with android app.
    2) Try to compile it, get a message you have to purchase Professional license.
    3) Close solution, create new console application.
    4) Now if you try to compile the app you get a message, that you can't compile Windows console application without Xamarin Pro license. Wow, that's something new, didn't know that before...

    So the only way to get rid of this is restart VS. Xamarin guys, you have some problems with your logic.

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