Xamarin Studio for Mac and TFS online

I am having a bit of trouble trying to find the solution to this. My company is using TFS Online with git, but I am not sure how I can connect to it using a Mac. I tried the TFS everywhere + Eclipse, but Eclipse doesn't deal with TFS Online very well.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be amazing!


  • KMullinsKMullins USMember, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    Hi @MichaelLeatherbury,

    If your company is using the Git flavored variation of TFS Online, then you should be able to interact with it directly from Xamarin Studio on the Mac.

    There are a few different things that you have to do first:

    1. In the Visual Studio Online/TFS portal you'll need to access Your Account > My Profile > Credentials and turn on Alternate Authentication Credentials (see attached image).
    2. When the team project is created in TFS Online, you'll need to ensure that git is used as the Version Control (see attached image).
    3. When the Team Project is first created, under the Code tab you'll be able to get the URL for the newly created Git Repo (see attached image).
    4. Open the project to use with TFS/Git in Xamarin Studio.
    5. Select the Solution Name in the Solution Explorer, right-click and select Version Control > Publish...
    6. Fill in the information that your got from the TFS portal (see attached image).
    7. Click the OK button and you'll be asked for your credentials (see attached image). _Note: These MUST be the Alternate Authentication Credentials created above, your normal TFS Account/Credentials will not work!
    8. Click the OK button and the initial check-in will take place.

    From this point on, you can work with the Git Repo using the Version Control tools built into Xamarin Studio. If you still need greater control, you can use TFS everywhere + Eclipse but again this will only work with Alternate Authentication Credentials.

    I hope this answers your questions.



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