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Nothing generated trying to add a layout alternatives using Android designer

CorradoCavalliCorradoCavalli ITInsider, University ✭✭

If i try to create a new layout variation using Android designer in Visual Studio i see the dialog where i can select the different options but after clicking ok, nothing happens and no files are created.
Am I missing something? I'm using latest stable version o VS plug-in.


  • AlanMcGovernAlanMcGovern USXamarin Team Xamurai


    This is fixed in the version currently available in Alpha. It should be in Beta soon.


  • CorradoCavalliCorradoCavalli ITInsider, University ✭✭

    Thanks Alan, I am happy that it has fixed, how long do you think it's going to take to get into stable channel? I'd like to avoid using Alpha/Beta stuff unless strictly necessary.

  • AlanMcGovernAlanMcGovern USXamarin Team Xamurai

    It should propagate to stable over the next week or two. I can't give an exact date as it depends on if anyone reports new issues in the alpha/beta builds.

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