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DougBlissDougBliss USMember

First, question: Not sure this is the appropriate forum--didn't notice a Visual Studio forum?

Second: I'm a long-time Microsoft Visual Studio/C# developer and have been asked to evaluate Xamarin as a possible tool for our IOS development initiative. I have a Windows 7 machine running Visual Studio 2012 and have Xamarin installed. I have a networked Mac with Xamarin and Xcode installed. From Visual Studio I can see the Build Host and it passes all diagnostic tests and I can get the iPhone emulator to pop up on the Mac--so, it appears my development environment is good.

What I'm looking for now is some sample code/projects that I can load in Visual Studio and step through/learn the process/intricacies of this type of development using Xamarin in Visual Studio.

Can anyone point me at sample code, videos, tutorials to get me started?

Thanks, Doug Bliss


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