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Xamarin.UITests can't launch from FAKE build script

We are in the process of automating build, test, and deployment of our app. We're doing it from a Mac, and we chose to use FAKE (F# make) for the time being. We are planning to integrate our build scripts into TeamCity, but we're not at that point yet.
Following this fine tutorial:
we put together a build script, which builds our app and our UI tests. The issue is that the NUnit framework doesn't start our UI tests from within the script, and the iOS simulator doesn't launch (even though it is open, and our app is loading into it, manually).

Our scripts are attached (without the .txt ext). From the console we just say: ./ ios-uitests to launch the tests. The app is built, but the tests are not launched...

Now, if we run the actual command that launches the tests from the console, it works. Like this:
"/Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework/Versions/Current/bin/nunit-console4" "MyApp.UITests/bin/Release/MyApp.UITests.dll" "MyApp.UITests/bin/Release/testresults.xml"
Then NUnit launches the simulator and UI tests run.

What would prevent the UI tests from running from the script? (I tried running script with sudo).


  • YegoriusYegorius USMember

    Update: running the same script from TeamCity yields the same behavior, meaning nothing happens (see log).
    The solution + tests are build but UI tests not run...

  • JonWoodJonWood USUniversity ✭✭

    Did you happen to figure how how to launch UI tests from FAKE?

  • YegoriusYegorius USMember

    We didn't. As I remember I ended up calling nunit from bash, as per the command above. I put it into a script and had TeamCity run it.
    Hopefully I'll be revisiting Xamarin.UITest soon, to write new tests, and if there is a better way, I'll post.

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