Missing methods of class in Jar binding library

PaulNPaulN USMember ✭✭

I'm trying to make binding library to this project http://skyepub.net/ . Some classes and interfaces in this library is obfuscated while other is not. Some classes that isn't obfuscated inherits obfuscated ones (for example: ReflowableControl extends ce, ce extends RelativeLayout implements GestureDetector.OnGestureListener, ca, gz, k). If I leave Metadata.xml empty then those classes will be missed. So decided to add instructions like that:
It make Xamarin include ReflowableControlclass from previous example like ReflowableControl: RelativeLayout. Project compiled fine but most of methods of ReflowableControlare missed. I have no idea why some of them missed and some are not, I have attached file MissedMethods.xlsx which contain comparison of Java type and produced C# type.
The reason of this issue is probably in these obfuscated classes and interfaces. I have tried to include all of them, but I can't compile project in this case (see BuildErrors.txt). I've attached Metadata.txt (which is actually renamed metadata.xml).


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