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Activation Limits

Hi, I'm a business subscriber, and I seem to be running against activation limits in my setup.

I may be a little unusual, but here is my setup:

Windows 7 PC at work (visual studio), mac build server there.

  • Visual Studio Ultimate - Win7

Mac Pro at home with Parallels running Windows 8

  • Xamarin Studio - Mac
  • Xamarin Studio - Win8 (Parallels)
  • Visual Studio Ultimate - WIN8 (Parallels)

MacBook Pro Retina

  • Xamarin Studio Mac
  • Visual Studio Ultimate - Win7 (Boot Camp)

I want to install xamarin studio everywhere I code and have them all hit my git repos so I can code no matter where I am, but it's refusing to activate on my home emulated Win 8 machine (for visual studio).

What are the limits of activation for Xamarin? I'd really prefer to have it let me install on any of my machines, since I only use one at any given time, but failing that, I've visited the link it gives me to see about moving an actuivation, but there is no obvious way to do it at the page referred (


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