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Our team is currently developing an app that will target Win/WinPhone/iOS/Android. Our team consists of mostly web developers & SQL DBA's. We started by developing an MVC application to get the functionality/middle-tier logic nailed down. Now we want to port this over to mobile platforms. I already started an Azure mobile services API for accessing the logic... but after digging deeper in the Xamarin functionality I have discovered that I don't really "need" Azure for the Auth and API interface, I instead can use PCL's for the business/model logic and use Xamarin Auth for the authentication layer.

Am I looking at this correctly? Our team is TOTALLY new at cross platform mobile development, so guidance in this area would be greatly appreciated. I know we will need to leverage (maybe?) Azure Mobile Services for the push notifications... or is there even a better (easier) solution to this as well?

I know there are multiple questions here, and I hope I explained enough to help.



  • Herb.1400Herb.1400 USMember

    i have same question about authentication, community sqllite net, sql, mongodb, azure mobile services and entityFramework looking any info how to explain it all to myself... anyone knows how to start using sql in mvvmcross from android? any samples or some explanations? thanks

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