Your licence is for an older version of xamarin.ios

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the company I am working for is considering using xamarin for app development.
I am in charge to test it for functionality before we purchase xamarin.

We want to use the xamarin plugin for visual studio.
I installed xamarin studio and everything that belongs to it. I created a new account and got the free trial.
I was able to build the android version of the tasky example with visual studio and deploy it to an android device.

Now I tried to do the same for the ios version and deploy it to an Iphone.

The problem is, when I open the taskytouch / taskios solution, I am prompted to purchase a licence.
"Your licence is for an older version of xamarin.ios
You must renew your licence to continue using xamarin.iOS Unknown Edition"

Shouldn't I be able to open/build the iOS version too with my trial? The trial definitely didn't expire, and my xamarin version is a fresh installation, so my xamarin.iOS version is not too old, I double-checked that.

I tried to uninstall and delete all xamarin-related stuff and re-install it. Same error.

We would really like to try xamarin a little before paying 1k for it.
I assume the mistake I describe is a bug, and I hope someone can help me to fix it.

I will try another machine in the meantime ...

Thank you very much for your assistance.



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