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how to handle orientation for just some pages?

GeorgeCookGeorgeCook PEUniversity ✭✭✭

it's common in an app that some pages will support landscape, and others not.
How can we handle this in xamarin forms?
I have no problem doing this in native IOS apps (I'm am objective c developer, switching to xamarin for a project).

I want something like this:

My entire app is portrait.

I push a video player page which can support landscape - when I dispose of it, The app is in portrait.

I could send an event when the device changes orientation, which could rotate that one view to landscape. the only problem is that all pages in a xamarin forms app seem to implicitly support orientation with no option to turn it off, other than disabling it at the app level (which means you get no orientation notificaitons either).

stumped here - seems like a huge design oversight not being able to say if a page supports auto-rotation or not.

What can I do?

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