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Change the navbarcolor without reloading page

BjrnBjrn USMember

Hi, Im trying to change the navbarcolor (background and title) without reloading the page. When the colorchange trigger this code runs on the specific IOS platform.

`[assembly: Xamarin.Forms.Dependency(typeof(Color_iOS))]
namespace GSS.iOS.Providers.Color
public class Color_iOS : IColor
public void ChangeNavigationBarColor()

        UINavigationBar.Appearance.BarTintColor = App.Context._ColorHelper.Background.ToUIColor();
        UINavigationBar.Appearance.SetTitleTextAttributes(new UITextAttributes()
            TextColor = App.Context._ColorHelper.MainTitleBlack.ToUIColor()



But i dont see any changes until the next view is loaded. How do i solve this? Thank you!

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