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Hi there!
I am trying to customize a BubbleChat that was orginally created by Miguel de Icaza, it's very great example, so I wanted to start my chat program from there, however, the problem is when I want to replace the textbox and the send button to the buttom of the page I got some problems. Some are solved by resizing the ListView. But when I got a new chat message, the message dissappear from the window, when I scroll up I find it.
The method "Show" did not help. Is there any way to start showing the cells from buttom to upp, like in other chat programs. appreciate all help.


  • AhmadJaberAhmadJaber SEMember

    To Complete the thread above. I tried with:

    ListView.ScrollTo(ViewModel.Messages[msgCount-1], ScrollToPosition.MakeVisible, true);
    ListView.ScrollTo(ViewModel.Messages[msgCount-1], ScrollToPosition.MakeVisible, false);

    It does not work.

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