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Issues with Xamarin studio on windows 8 machine

F.NisaF.Nisa USMember

I am using Xamarin Studio 5.7.2(build 7) trial version on my windows 8 machine, and it's not working as expected. At times, I am unable to connect to NuGet server and get the error "unable to connect to remote server'. I checked my internet settings; I am not using any proxy settings. I checked the environment variables as well and no, the issue is not because of any variable that has been set on my machine. Also, I keep getting MSBuild failure and "deployment failed" errors time and again. The same project builds and runs sometimes while sometimes it throws the aforementioned errors. I get these errors for default "hello Xamarin" project as well.
I tried every fix I found on the internet and nothing seems to work. I need to make a decision with respect to the purchase of license for Xamarin Studio, and so I need to be sure about why I am facing all these issues. Am I doing something wrong or is this the case with every windows 8 user?

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