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Please make this very useful feature: corrupted auto completion.

In Visual Studio (even 2012) there is also no such feature.
BUT inside Visual Assis X for Visual Studio - this is the best feature i ever met and used.

Here the explanation:
Originally when you begin writing name, you have auto openning Intellisense (auto completion window),

BUT if you don't complete or choose name from auto completion window and move cursor to other part of document and then decide to finish incomplete, but started name - then you DONT have auto openning auto completion window.


1) I write code:
int MyVariableName = 0;

2) Then i move cursor to another part of the document for some reason.
3) Then i am trying to complete what i have started:

int MyVariableName = 0;
MyVaria <<<<- i move cursor here, right after letter "a", and trying to write letter "b" or whatever letter, or even press "Backspace". But i DON'T get openning auto completion window.

Omg Whyyyyyyyyy??? I really expect auto complition here. And i always use this feature inside Visual Assist X.


  • newbprofinewbprofi RUMember

    Also i need "Suggestions" like in Visual Assist X.
    When i create local variable and write "Class c =" i wanna see list of suggestions, and first of all " = new Class()".

  • JeffreyStedfastJeffreyStedfast USXamarin Team Xamurai

    These sound like reasonable feature requests. Could you file them at so that Mike Krueger can look into implementing them?


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