Two applications icons are displayed on target device

upswingupswing USMember, Beta

I see two application icons on my target device after I install the package from xamarin during a debug session.

I have searched the forum for an answer and have found two fixes for that error:
1- Make sure that MainLauncher = true happens only once
2- Make sure that the AndroidManifest.xml does not contain a reference to a launchable activity (forum: See two application icons on target device)

I checked for these conditions and everything is fine. (Single occurrence of MainLauncher = true and the manifest seems clean with a few uses-permission, uses-sdk instantiation of the app icon and google maps api keys .)

Both icons when clicked launch the application properly and they are both removed when the application is uninstalled

What else can I try to resolve this? -Thank you


  • upswingupswing USMember, Beta

    I am still having this problem and no resolution... Can anyone suggest what else I can try.. Thank you

  • CheesebaronCheesebaron DKInsider, University mod

    Post your resulting AndroidManifest.xml which you can find in the obj/Android folder.

  • upswingupswing USMember, Beta

    Here is the manifest found in obj\debug\android, I wanted to upload xml file directly so it would be easier for you to read, but it does not let me do it ..

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


    - - - -

  • upswingupswing USMember, Beta

    The previous post did not show the content properly so I uploaded a txt file that contains the manifest

  • upswingupswing USMember, Beta

    I am still having this issue with a particular device.. I ran the debugger on a different device and only one icon is displaying. Could anyone help me please
    Thank you

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