Can xamarin be used for low level app development in android?

Hello I am looking into switching from pure android to Xamarin for app development. I have a few questions which were not blatantly pointed out in the documentation.

Can the xamarin android code base be used for such tasks as building a hardware detection application?
IE: if I want to display the type of GPS I am using in the device?

Do xamarin apps have access to the file system?
I know in android your apps allow writing to and reading from the file system.

For the time being this is all I have to ask.


  • codemonkeyalxcodemonkeyalx USMember

    After some digging I found this which answers my main question:

    I am still curious about the file system information.

  • IvanHarrisIvanHarris USMember ✭✭✭

    On the file system question, yes. You can write and read from the file system (including SD card). Any basic thing you can do with Android (via Java), you can do with Xamarin. Honestly, I can't think of anything that I cannot do with xamarin that I can do with android. Mono for Android is fantastic!

  • codemonkeyalxcodemonkeyalx USMember

    Ivan, thank you kindly for your help in this matter! I think here soon I will be working on porting over to Xamarin from Java.

  • NicWiseNicWise NZInsider, University mod

    @codemonkeyalx You can think of Xamarin.Android as a peer to Java/Dalvik - so if you can do it in Java, you can do it in C#, tho sometimes you have to work out the p/invoke-style incantations to do it.

    If you have to drop to C/C++ to do it, then you still have to - but you should be able to open and call the .so from X.Android, I'd guess.

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