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Error Whenever Loading a iOS Project

sqzrsqzr USMember
edited February 2015 in Visual Studio


I am getting an error when I open any of the Xamarin Sample projects that contain a iOS project.

The error is:

Could not load project 'TaskyiOS\TaskyiOS.csproj' with unknown item types '{FEACFBD2-3405-455C-9665-78FE426C6842}'

How can i fix this error?

Information about my environment:

  • I am using Xamarin Studio with a free licence (no subscriptions)
  • I am on Windows 8.1
  • The error occurs when I load the project into XS (not when I go to build it)
  • The error doesn't occur when I open the project in VS2013 but it does ask me 'Do you want to open this project from an untrusted source'


  • mattwardmattward GBMember Xamurai

    Unfortunately Xamarin Studio on Windows does not support iOS projects. Xamarin Studio on the Mac does support iOS projects. Xamarin Studio should not be showing the message dialog since the project type guids are known and this seems to be a bug that has been fixed but has not yet been released.

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