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IOS Physical Device Not Showing Up in Visual Studio iPhone Platform

This is one of the more frustrating things. Not very consistent, and not a lot of help on the Build Host or logs that I can see.
1. Build Host to VS works fine.
2. Running VS2013, U4 in parallels. Is able to debug and run on iSimulator devices just fine.
3. But the physical devices never show up, and not really helpful error logs.
4. I used to be able to SMB mount the TFS work space for Xamarin Studio, but now am getting the dreaded MT0009 error.
5. I have to physically copy the work folder to the MAC side.
6. Xamarin Studio always detects the devices, and runs it fine. Why do we still have so many weird issues with VS ?
7. I have seen this on and off on multi threads. Claims it is fixed, but now it is not for me.
8. How to diagnose this issue ?

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