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Visual Studio + Xamarin.iOS build hosts devices with symbols within their name

Hi All,

I am just wondering if anyone has experience any problems with iOS device deployments through visual studio when their device name contained a symbol? e.g. my device is named iPhone 6+ and when deploying onto a device through visual studio it fails to find the device.

After checking build host log on my iMac I noticed the following:
[26-Feb-2015 17:00:50] Waiting for device 'iPhone 6 ' to connect. Timeout set to 00:05:00
[26-Feb-2015 17:00:50] Attached: iPhone 6+ Looking for: iPhone 6
[26-Feb-2015 17:00:50] Attached: iPad 4 Looking for: iPhone 6

It looks like the + symbol is being stripped and replaced with a whitespace. I think this is a bug and wondered if where I could raise this? Also I have done a workaround for this by removing the + symbol from the name.



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