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Feb 21: Las Vegas Code Camp - iOS Development in C#

JamesMontemagnoJamesMontemagno USForum Administrator, Xamarin Team, Developer Group Leader Xamurai

The Learning Village DTP

727 Fremont St

Las Vegas, NV 89101

Date: Feb 21st 8am - 5pm


Topic: iOS Development in C# with Xamarin

Xamarin enables developers to create native iOS, Android, and Mac apps in C# and share code across all platforms while providing 100% API coverage on each platform. In this session we will go over all of the products on the Xamarin platform including the development tools and how they work under the hood to leverage the .NET framework in iOS, Android, and Mac apps. We will dive into creating iOS apps in C# inside of Xamarin Studio comparing how it would be done in Objective-C and build our first iOS app in C#. We will cover how to design user interfaces with Xamarin and how to add rich functionality with pre-built components. To finish it off we will cover how to share the code we wrote to reach over 2.6 Billion devices running other platforms such as Android.

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