Problem to connect to Xamarin.IOS Build Host

Hi , take a look on the picture :
imagevisualstudio2013roblem" alt="" />
on the left side I rAn a virtual mac pc using vmware workstation, on the right side ,its my windows 8.
I open the visual studio 2013 with the windows pc in order to build an Ios app.
When I open a new ios project in visual studi 2013 it requires to open an "ios build host" on the mac pc ,I open the "ios build host" on the mac pc
got the pin code , then on my windows 8 I connected the mac pc (with the ip) and copy the pin code ,but when i enter the correct code , its says "invalid pin"!
I dont understand why its incorrect!!
what should I do ?


  • TorbenKruseTorbenKruse DEMember ✭✭✭

    I had the same problem couple of month ago, I think updating the Mac OS solved the issue.

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