Xamarin Studio issues

KerryPyartKerryPyart GBMember
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All of a sudden Xamarin Studio freezes up a lot, takes an exceedingly long time to build, rarely allows me to debug on the device and all sorts of issues.

It used to feel quite snappy - has anyone else had any problems like this recently? It's pretty much unusable for me atm - I constantly have to force it to restart :/


  • CormacCormac USMember

    I'm having the same issue with Visual Studio/Xamarin. Especially when I switch from the emulator back to Visual Studio. Can't say for sure if Xamarin is causing it though. I can only run the emulator once, if I need to run it a second time either VS freezes, or, when I try run the emulator it freezes. Has been happening for a few days now.

  • KerryPyartKerryPyart GBMember

    :/ it's really frustrating.

    Even things like debugging on deveice: one minute it launches and debugs - the next nothing works and I have to go through the settings jig, unconfigure and reconfigure everything until it magically starts working again.

    Just about had it.

  • Diego_CDiego_C USMember

    Same for me. Im restarting the thing like 10 times each day, specially if I work on Android projects. It was working perfectly before. It freezes when I run the app in the debugger or the device, and the Intellisense some times take a long time, or doesnt work at all.

  • EdwardSmithEdwardSmith NLMember

    I'm also a bit frustrated with the Xamarin studio. Lots of issues which pushes me to Visuals Studio or something else.

    Ideally I need designers which works cross platform a la Forms. Something like in this video (german) while the whole video is interesting the designer presentation starts at: 28m. These guys really nailed it. I want this for .Net

    I know millions are invested in Xamarin so hence this bold question: Is this something that we can expect from Xamarin and in which time frame?

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