Back behavior in Forms2Native sample

I'm running the Forms2Native sample and I noticed that the 'back' behavior is different from the 'forward' one. When going forward from the 'My First Xamarin.Forms' page you tap on 'Click to see an Intent work' and are taken to the 'Third Activity' page (on Android of course). If you tap on '<Back' however you aren't taken to the 'My First...' page but to the 'Third Page' and then tapping back again finally returns you to the 'My First...' page. Is there a way to change the back behavior so that the 'Third Page' isn't displayed?


  • StephenRichardsonStephenRichardson GBMember ✭✭
    edited January 2015

    Found the solution, after calling 'Finish' in the Android activity I called


    and that worked. Now I just have to make tapping the Android Back button do the same.

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