Unified API : Do I Need To Convert ALL my int,float and double to native ?


I've just migrated my project thanks to the Unified API but after I realised that, there was still in my code, lots and lots of int, and float type of variables, attributes and function parameters which had not been converted to their native equivalent.

So I'm a little bit confused. Do I need to convert absolutely 100% of my code so that there is no int or float anymore or does the Unified API only converts what's necessary to support 64 bits ? Because I still have lots of classes with int and double attributes which haven't been converted by the Unified API.

For instance, what to do with the following loop: for(int i = 0; i < 10; i++) Do I need to change it to nint too ?

Kind Regards, Romain

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  • RomainLouisRomainLouis NZMember

    Thanks for those clarifications Adam & Kevin !

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