CocosSharp v1.3.1.0 release

RamiTabbaraRamiTabbara AUMember, Xamarin Team Xamurai

Breaking changes

  • None

Key new features

  • iOS Unified API support

Fixes and enhancements

  • 110 Mac CocosSharp pipeline extensions.
  • 106 ActionManagerTest crashes.
  • 105 Mac: When the app is in background, events are stopped, but Draw() not
  • 104 CCGrid3DAction: Grid Texture size incorrect
  • 101 Tilemap NRE error
  • 100 Windows OpenGL, OpenTK context exception on close
  • 99 Need some way to distribute CocosSharp pipeline extensions.
  • 98 Update to Xamarin iOS Unified API
  • 96 Interface for custom CCLog developer implementation
  • 95 Enhance CCSprite() to handle Content not being found
  • 94 Initialise CCScene.SetDefaultDesignResolution on creation of CCApplicationDelegate
  • 91 Example of using new TileMap's ClosestTileCoordAtNodePosition
  • 74 CCLabel: gracefully handle missing fonts
  • 72 Add error message (exception?) when textures and sprite fonts are missing
  • 19 Update Nuspec's to support Xamarin unified API


  • RamiTabbaraRamiTabbara AUMember, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    Just a reminder that while this release did not introduce any breaking changes to the actual API, previous iOS CocosSharp projects which referenced the Classic iOS API while need to be migrated to the support the new Unified API. Details on how to do this can be found here

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