Comic game

Hi All,
I wonder if it is possible to write in CocosSharp similar game to this one:
If yes maybe someone could share any resources which may help me with this?
If no it is even possible to write such game and use Xamarin to achieve this?


  • JamesSchuetzJamesSchuetz USMember

    CocosSharp can most definitely be used for a game like that, you can write almost anything in any language, its just amatter of how much time you spend. Unfortunately it would be up to you to choose all the assets (sprites and such). I would suggest starting at the beginning and trying to learn how to transition between CCScenes and handle user input.. After you have built out your basic framework, focus on adding in the graphics, story, etc.

  • tkowalczyktkowalczyk PLMember, University ✭✭

    @Underdue‌ Thank you, I know that we can do almost everything in almost every language I am not a beginner but I have never tried CocosSharp so that is why I am asking ;)
    btw in aplication mentioned above we have some kind of paralax effect, is this something easy to achieve in CocosSharp in reasonable time of course?:)

  • JonJarnsaterJonJarnsater SEMember, Beta

    Yes, parallax effects can be created using the CCParallaxNode class. Check the GoneBananas sample for an example.

  • tkowalczyktkowalczyk PLMember, University ✭✭

    @JonJarnsater‌ cool I found this sample before I think is is great place to start!

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