Jan 22: Cape Town (@CTXUG): Xamarin & Google Cardboard

AllanPeadAllanPead ZAInsider, University, Developer Group Leader ✭✭✭

To start the year, we are going to recreate one of the Evolve 2014 mini-hacks and allow you to do some hands on coding. Do not worry, it will be easy :)

Cardboard Monkey Mini-Hack

We are going to explore the world of VR with Xamarin and Google Cardboard.
What you will need (Wifi access at the venue has been bad the last few events, rather make sure all is installed):

  1. Either a Mac or Windows machine running Xamarin 3.0 and a Xamarin license. If you do not have a license you will be able to download a trial license from https://xamarin.com/download

Installation instructions: http://developer.xamarin.com/guides/android/getting_started/installation/

  1. The Xamarin Android Player. Available at http://xamarin.com/android-player

  2. The Cardboard project from the Evolve 2104 mini-hack repo at https://github.com/xamarin/mini-hacks/tree/master/CardboardMiniHack

  3. Once you have Xamarin installed and the mini-hack repo cloned, make sure to open the CardboardMonkey.sln and compile the project. You should also be able to deploy the app to the emulator. This will makes sure all the bits are downloaded.

We will get together at 17:30 to start at 18:00.

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