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WindowsPhone View Size in PageRenderer

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Im trying to use PageRenderer like shown here

I also create an instance of a WindowsPhone 8 Page to render within PageRenderer. This Page is the only child added to PageRenderer.
But the width and height of the WP8 Page is just "wrap_content" and not the full screen size of the phone. It looks good in the Designer, though.

How can I get the XMAL Page to use the whole size of the screen?

I'm pretty new to Xamarin, so I hope I got you all the relevant information.

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  • Any news? I have the same problem

  • The only workaround I found is to set the width and height of the page in the constructor with the App.RootFrame actualWidth and actualHeight (that gives you the actual screen size):

    public MyNativePage() { InitializeComponent(); this.Width = App.RootFrame.ActualWidth; this.Height = App.RootFrame.ActualHeight; }

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