Xamarin Android Player Firewall issue

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Xamarin Android Player: getting OpenGL server is unreachable. Please check that Android Player is allowed thru your firewall on public networks.

Does anybody no how to resolve this? I checked on my windows firewall and it showed that the Android PLayer was allowed, I also have a firewall setup on McAfee but I turned that off ??


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    Maybe that helps?

    From the Xamarin documentation:

    Error message: "OpenGL server is unreachable. Please check that Xamarin Android Player is allowed through your firewall on public networks.”
    Xamarin Android Player uses a Host-Only Network to provide OpenGL display of the virtual machine, so this error can occur if your network adapter is misconfigured, removed, or blocked by your firewall. Xamarin Android Player attempts to reconfigure the network adapter if it is misconfigured, but an external firewall can interfere with this process. Please alter your firewall settings to allow communications over port 22468 on private and public networks and restart your PC.

    This error may also occur if you are using a graphics card that does not support OpenGL, or if you are running Xamarin Android Player inside Virtual Machine or Remote Desktop software without OpenGL support.

    The problem is also discussed over in the Android Forums and there is a specific forum for the Android Player. I recommend you ask for support over there.

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