Jan. 29th: Chicago, IL: Deep Dive into Xamarin.Forms 1.3

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Happy New Year everyone! We hope you are well rested and are geared up for the new year. This is the first of some exciting meetups we are planning this year.

Xamarin.Forms is the new approach to developing mobile applications from Xamarin. Xamarin already allowed you to develop your mobile apps in C# and then share the vast majority of that logic among the targeted platforms, and with Forms, they allow you to share the UI as well. Now, with their 1.3 release Forms is finally ready to be considered as a means for developing mobile applications.

Jason Farrell of West Monroe Partners will be taking us through the changes made in version 1.3 of Forms and how you can take advantage of advanced features like Custom Renderers and Dependency Injection.

As usual food and drink will be provided. Thank you to West Monroe Partners for sponsoring this event and thank you to EightBot for arranging the venue

See you there!

Planned agenda:

17.45 Networking

18.15 Presentation - Jason Farrell, West Monroe Partners

20.00 Networking

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