CocosSharp, Windows OpenGL, OpenTK context exception on close


Since upgrading to CocosSharp my windows OpenGL projects now raise the following exception when closing:

An unhandled exception of type 'OpenTK.Graphics.GraphicsContextException' occurred in OpenTK.dll
Additional information: Failed to make context 131072 current. Error: 6

The same code did not do this for the previous version. Strangely, the code works fine if copied into a new CocosSharp Windows OpenGL Visual Studio project (using the newly-available templates). It seems some of the .dll files used by the templates are slightly different from those used by the equivalent NuGet package (some small file size differences, but all have the same version except Lidgren.Network.dll).

If I copy the 8 dll files from /packages/CocosSharp.WindowsGL. from a Visual Studio Windows OpenGL template project to the same directory on a NuGet CocosSharp Windows OpenGL project, the NuGet project works again.

I'd rather use the NuGet package version - is there a problem with the dll's provided, or are they newer than the template ones and my code needs changing somehow?




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