Using Azure Mobile and Notification Services

KiaShackKiaShack AUMember

Hi all,

From a non technical person, just wondering if Xamarin is able to fully integrate with the new Azure Mobile services for authentication, data and notifications for all iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 8.1? Is there anything in particular we should account for before making the decision to use Azure services for the back end while using Xamarin for the code?


  • AdamPAdamP AUUniversity ✭✭✭✭✭

    I use Azure Mobile Services with my Xamarin Code in iOS, Android and WP. They are specific instructions you need to follow for each platform but Microsoft has everything reasonably documented and it all works well. (Note that Xamarin only works with WP 8.1 Silverlight and not 8.1 runtime at the moment)

    Azure Mobile Services is mainly dealing with the back end functions so it doesn't require that much knowledge of platform specific functions except when you start doing Push Notifications, which is all very platform specific. Again Microsoft has it all documented around the place.

  • KiaShackKiaShack AUMember

    Thanks Adam. That's very reassuring. I appreciate your input.

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