January 22th: Berlin, Xamarin Meetup

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Everyone near Berlin is sincerely invited to our first Xamarin Berlin Meetup!

The facts:

Hey Xamarin Enthusiasts!

I'm excited to schedule this inaugural meeting of the Xamarin user group for Berlin. So far we've had developers sign up with a whole range of experience, from having heard of Xamarin but never having used it before to having worked on Mono's C# implementation itself. Sounds like it's going to be a fun group!

The meeting will be at the Co-up co-working space on Adalbertstraße 8 at 7:30pm on January 22nd. The Co-up has a very friendly policy towards not-for-profit groups. Since this is the first meeting, what do you think about having the following schedule?

1) Personal Introductions
2) Introduction to Xamarin for those who haven't used it too much
3) Some other topic, as one of you volunteer and see fit!

So, hit the discussion board if you'd be so nice as to share some expertise with us and present for #3. Also, if you have any thoughts about format or future topics let's hear them on the discussion board as well.

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