iOS PageRenderer this.TabBarItem

LuckyDayLuckyDay USMember ✭✭✭

Is it just me? Has anyone else noticed that this.TabBarItem for a PageRenderer is NOT the same UITabBarItem that is a child of this.TabBarController?

e.g. (in a PageRenderer) this.TabBarItem != this.TabBarController.TabBar.Items[_]

However this does work as a somewhat generic way of getting the right UITabBarItem...
var item = this.TabBarController.TabBar.Items.FirstOrDefault(t => t.Title == this.TabBarItem.Title);

I'm not huge on comparing based on Title but the chances that someone will have the same title on two tabs in the same tab bar are slim to none.

Does anyone know if this ever worked? I just added badges to the PageRenderer in iOS and this threw me off guard.

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