Better custom font support

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edited December 2014 in Xamarin.Forms

Looking at these docs, it looks like Xamarin Forms sorely needs better font support.

There are two main issues:

  1. Needing to use a custom renderer on Android means that we need to create a plethora of custom controls. Especially for composite controls where we want to change the font of an internal label, it's painful.
  2. The font names themselves are different on the different platforms. The WP version is frankly crazy. I know there are differences "under-the-hood," but those differences are exactly what a framework like Xam Forms should be hiding. The framework can specify that the fonts need to go into a specific folder; add blah to a plist, etc. But then it should figure out what the names need to be per-platform.

Fonts that are licensed for mobile use aren't' that hard to find; Google Fonts is one large library where most of the fonts are under Apache 2 or SIL.

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