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Removing android namespace

I am a newbie with android dev. In response to my previous questions where I was not able to access the contents of the resources directory. Many suggested to remove android namespace in my code. How can I do this?


  • CheesebaronCheesebaron DKInsider, University mod
    1. By continuing in the thread you made to begin with and not creating one every time you want attention.
    2. If you don't know what a namespace is, I strongly suggest that you go to your favorite search engine and type in: "C# namespace".
    3. If after doing step 2. you still have no clue about what is going on, go to the thread mentioned in 1. and tell us what you have tried, what was the expected result and what went wrong. Preferably with error codes and a reproducible sample such that people have a better chance of helping you.
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